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Protect and Possibly Cure Yourself From

All Diseases with Raw Food and Warm Water Diet

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Eat It Raw Unless it Has to be Cooked
If it has to be cooked ONLY steam or boil-cook it

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These diet and health tips can protect any healthy person from diseases, especially terminal diseases like cancer, if applied around 80%. Someone, who is not healthy, need to apply them by 100% to recover and prevent the recurrence of the disease. In these tips you will discover the power of water, food, exercises, avoinding distress and colon washing to prevent and cure diseases. These tips will supper charge your immune system and removes a lot of it's loads and minimise FREE RADICALS inside your body and entering your body from outside. Free radicals cause all terminal diseases like cancer and speeds up ageing. We become ill when our immune system fails to neutralize all free radicals. This happens when we get too much free radicals and external infections for the immune system to match to neutralize. These tips also slow down ageing process by half at least. For example, if some one is now 40 yours old when s/he becomes 80 years old s/he will have a physical age of 60 year old or less

My health is the proof of these diet and health tips. I have not become ill since early 2011. Before that I had high blood pressure, cholesterol, overweight and kidney problems. Now all these diseases are under control. Before that, I got flu and chest infection at least once a year if not more. Always my GP prescribed me antibiotics to recover from flu and chest infection. But since early 2011, I have not got flu or chest infection and have not used anti biotics. My GP records prove may claim.

Water to prevent all diseases and cure most of them

"You are not ill, you are thirsty". This was coined by a doctor in prison with hundreds of political prisoners, most of them were ill. As a doctor, he saw it was his duty to treat them but couldn't get any medicine. Out of the blue the idea of water, as medicine, came to him. He advised all prisoners, ill or not, to drink a lot of water. After that soon every one recovered and the rest felt a lot healthier. So what was the secret? The prisoners were not ill the way we know, but their immune system gone very weak because their body was dehydrated. This is because our immune system uses a lot of water every second in our life time to immunise our body against diseases. After prisoners drank a lot of water, their immune system recovered and cured each ill prisoner and made the rest healthier.

Rules to use water to keep your body always fully hydrated.

1-Never wait to become thirsty to drink water. Keep your body always hydrated. When you become thirsty, your immune system also becomes thirsty and very weak at the same time. It is at this moment diseases can overcome our immune system.

2- Drink around 0.04 litre of water per each kilograms weight of your body daily at regular times. I am 60.00Kg in weight and drink 60 x 0.04 = 2.40 litres daily at 4 regular intervals, early morning before my breakfast, around 10.00am, 3.00pm and 9.00pm. Each time I drink 2.40/4 = 0.60 litre of water each time.

3- Drink your water at least half hour before your meals and at least two hours after your meals.

4- Warm up your water before drink it. Each temperature rise of your drinking water, above your temperature, strengthens your immune system by 30%.

Finally a fully hydrated body never gets kidney stones and a body with kidney stones can be cured from the kidney stones with regular hydration. Additionally by keeping your body always fully hydrated, you cleanse all your 4 to 6 trillion cells of your body daily and lose weight. You are going to pass a lot of water as urine. The urine has to be a bit yellow like straw. If your urine has become lighter than straw colour, add a few grains of sea salt to your water each time you drink water. It is important to organise your daily activity with your needs to urinate to avoid disruptions or embarrassment. At least once a day, urinate into a container to see the colour of your urine.


Please apply these rules about your food:

1-Chew your food until it liquidised in your mouth. This keeps your digestive system, especially your colon, very healthy and all the foods get digested, absorbed and converted to energy and building and rebuilding the tissues. Additionally no longer foods rote in the colon to cause colon diseases, heavy smells and heavy smelly winds. It also helps good bacteria in the small intestine. Good bacteria helps food digestion and absorption. Also it strengthens your immune system. Our saliva, in addition of being a digestive enzyme, is a raw material used by our immune system to immunise our body against disease.

2-Never drink anything like water or juices or alcohol with your meals because they dilute your digestive enzymes. Diluted digestive enzymes become weak and can not digest all the food. Undigested food harms good bacteria, in small intestines, and rotes in the colon to cause colon diseases, heavy smells and smelly winds. Drink your water or juice at least half hour before your meal or at least two hours after your meal.

3-Eat fresh, raw and new fruits about half hour before your meals. Fresh, raw and new fruits are live foods because they have enzymes just like humans. Enzymes are mediums to metabolise food and raw materials of immune system. Without enzymes, our immune system fails and we starve to death. Eating fresh, raw and new fruits, before your meals, flourishes good bacteria, in the small intestines, which creates abundant new enzymes. These new enzymes strengthen digestive system immune system, which is made up of over 60% of total body immune system. Additionally, these new enzymes help food absorption and metabolism and strengthen the rest of the immune system. There is more about enzymes at the end.

4-Processed, fried, roasted, canned and old foods are dead foods, hurt good gut bacteria and full of free radicals. Free radicals are the cause of all diseases.

5- The healthiest foods are fresh, raw and new fruits and vegetables.

6- Some foods have to be cooked like grains or aubergines and spinaches. The healthiest means of cooking is by boiling. To boil cook your meals, first let the water boils for a while to get rid of the air inside it to prevent the oxygen in the water react with the food to oxidise it. Oxidised food is full of free radicals. After the water boils for a minute or so, add the food to it to boil cook it.

7- Fried and roasted food are full of free radicals. When they are cooked the react with oxygen in air to become full of free radicals.

8- Soak your nuts before eating them. Nuts are full of nutrition but have unhealthy secrets. Nuts have natural poisons to protect them from being eaten and enzyme inhibitors to prevent them germinating without water. Both are harmful on long term. But by soaking them in water, both become neutralised. So soak your nuts for at least over night and change the water once or twice. After that air dry them and eat them. Another important benefits of nut soaking, is that the nuts start to germinate. When nuts start to germinate, they create strong new enzymes and nutrition. Enzymes stand temperatures of upto 48 Celsius. So it is advised to dry soaked nuts at room temperature, not by heating. Also it is advised not to add salt or spices to the water used for nut soaking. Salt and spices may prevent germination. When buy nuts ensure they are new and in perfect conditions. Raw nuts can be contaminated and cause health problems. Discard any nut discoloured or in bad condition. When soaking nuts, dispose any nut floats to the surface of water. Before soaking, give your nuts a good wash.

9-Eat fermented, pickled, food. It is very healthy, full of enzymes and flourishes good bacteria. Fermented foods bought from shops contain chemicals and artificial ingredients. It is better to make your own fermented food. Here is a recipe of mine based on Korean kimchi:

Kimchi, fermented vegetable

10-Keep away your dry food from air. Don't keep your dry foods in hard containers like glass or plastic jars, keep them in plastic or paper bags and put rubber bands around them to make them air tight. Do the same with other foods, if kept overnight or longer. Exposing food, dry or not, reacts with oxygen in air to become full of free radicals.

11- All fizzy drinks and shop juices are processed foods and full of free radicals. They are highly oxidised.

12- All types of meat, except fish, and dairy products come from animals, which have a temperature around 39 Celsius. This is higher than human temperature by 2 Celsius. Because of this temperature differentiation, our body can not digest these types of food. Most of it ends up in our colon undigested. They become rotten and stick to the walls of the colon to cause polyps and pockets, which cause deadly colon diseases. The same applies on dairy products.

13- Fish is a perfect meat meal because it has a lower temperature than humans. It perfectly digested, absorbed and converted to energy, building and rebuilding tissues. But be warned: Meat, including fish, is one of the two causes of kidney diseases. The other cause of kidney diseases is dehydration.

14- Fast to spring cleans all your 4 to 6 trillion cells of your body. Fast once a week or fortnightly. When you fast only avoid food but continue drinking water as your usual. When we feel hunger because of fasting, recycler enzymes become active to find food inside our body. The first thing they do, they check each cells of our body to find wastes or garbage to recycle. Usually our cells have wastes, which harms our body if not removed. After all wastes recycled from cells, recycler enzymes go to recycle fat deposited under our skin. When I fast, I fast for 24 hours, from breakfast to next breakfast.

Physical Exercises

Every one needs a fair amount of physical exercises daily to stay fit and healthy. One can can choose any type of physical exercise. Please note that at the start of exercises, our immune system starts to increase gradually. But as we start to become tired gradually, in parallel to that, our immune system starts to decline. So each time you feel becoming tired, stop and rest. Later restart the exercise. I do my daily physical exercises twice, in the morning before breakfast and in the evening over two hours after dinner. The link bellow details 27 different Kung Fu style home physical exercises, which I do twice daily.

27 Kung Fu Style Home Physical Exersises

Colon, bowel and Liver cleanse with Coffee Enema

Without exception, all kinds of cancer patients have one thing in common. Each one has bad or diseased colon. According to a forty year research, it has been proved that all types of cancer caused by diseased colons, which get diseases from wrong diets. According to the same research cancer has nothing to do with genes. It is completely diet-related. So if some one got cancer it would not necessarily mean his or her close blood relatives might get cancer whatsoever. So the sure way to cure or prevent cancer is to have a clean and healthy colon. Coffee enema is an important means to cleanse the colon to cure and protect from all diseases especially cancer. A lot of clinics use it to hep cancer patient to recover from cancer. Coffee enema involves injecting coffee into the colon through the anus and holding it inside for about 15 minutes. Read the following quote from a scientific source to see how useful is coffee enema against cancer: "Coffee Enemas cause dilation of bile ducts, which facilitates excretion of toxic cancer breakdown products by the liver and dialysis of toxic products from blood across the colonic wall." Coffee enema cleanses colon, liver, blood and strengthens immune system by as much as 700%. Liver like kidney also filters blood from toxins, which discharged through bile duct. Coffee enema widens bile duct a lot. This helps a lot more toxins discharged from blood and liver. Additionally coffee enema causes the increased production of a certain enzyme, used by our immune system, by as much as 700%

Full details of coffee enema

Avoid Distress

Distress causes a massive amount of free radicals, which put a heavy load on immune system, speed up aging and can cause terminal diseases. Avoid distress with whatever means you can. Don't let anything distress you. Even if the sky falls on earth, don't bother about it and don't let it distress you. Enjoy yourself with romance, dance, music, songs. healthy food, socializing and the rest of nice things. Enjoy yourself enough today so that you can enjoy yourself more tomorrow. Use physical exercises to bring comfort to your body and soul. Whenever you have time, do the warm up and first 4 exercises of the 27 Kung Fu style home physical exercises.


What are enzymes for?

Enzymes are the fuels of life. Each life activity needs an enzyme. When we think, we use an enzyme to think. When we walk, we use another enzyme to walk. Whatever we do, we cannot do it without a certain enzyme. Our body cannot convert food to energy, new tissues and repair tissues without enzymes. Without enzymes, our immune system cannot work and we become ill. Our immune system uses enzymes, as raw materials, to neutralize free radicals, viruses and infections.

How we get enzymes?

We get enzymes from three sources: 1-uncooked, raw, food like fresh fruits and vegetables, 2-good bacteria inside our digestive system, and 3-Our body makes some of them during our life time. Good bacteria can only flourish on fresh fruits and vegetables to make enzymes. If we only eat cooked food, we will get enzymes only from our body. We miss enzymes from fresh fruits and vegetables and from good bacteria in our digestive system.

Enzymes depend on demand and supply

Enzyme distribution in the body depends on demand and supply. When body demands an enzyme for an activity, enzymes distribution organ supplies the enzyme. The speed of the supply depends on the availability of enzymes. For someone, who eats a lot of raw food, like fruits and vegetable, his or her body is full of enzymes. In this case the supply is immediate. For someone, who eats mainly cooked food, enzyme distribution organ has to wait for the body to make required enzyme. After that the enzyme is supplied.

Enzymes are prioritized

If enzyme distribution organ gets more than one demand at the same time for enzymes it can supply the enzymes immediately for all demands in one go if enzymes already available like in the body of someone, who eats mainly raw fresh food. If enzymes are not available, like in the body of someone, who eats cooked food mainly, the body will have to create the required enzymes. In this case, each enzyme for each demand created according to the priority line. Brain needs has the first priority and skin needs has the last priority.

When the body has to create enzymes, sometimes it cannot produce enzymes enough to match many demands at the same time. So sometimes some demands fail, it cannot get the enzymes. This happens most of the times with the skin because it has the last priority. This explains why we become old, starting from the skin. The same logic applies for getting diseases. For example, if enzyme distribution organ gets two demands for enzymes, one for the needs of the heart and one to neutralize flu virus, both enzymes will be supplied immediately if enzymes already available. Otherwise the body has to create enzymes for both in line of priority, first for the heart and then to neutralise flu virus. In this case the need of heart may be too much. So the body can create enzymes only enough for the heart. So no enzymes created to neutralize flu virus. This causes the body to become ill with flu. This is how and why we become ill with any type of disease.

Japanese pre WW11 diet

This diet is similar to Japanese pre WW11 diet, which was mainly made up of raw food like fruits, vegetables, see weeds, fermented food and fish. Their main cooking food was rice. Before WW11, they rarely had deadly Western diseases like cancer. They had a lot of stamina and endurance. Although they were hit with atomic bomb twice during WW11, they were not ready to surrender. They contacted Russia first to bring them to war on their side. But instead, Russia declared war against them. After that, they surrendered.

This diet is a lot more advanced than Japanese pre WW11 diet. Because Japanese didn't know the secrets of chewing their food a lot, keeping their body always hydrated and didn't know about the benefits of colon washing. In addition to that, they drunk a lot of alcohol, which this diet prohibits for it's deadly harms. As a point of interest, most of the Japanese changed their diet to western diet after WW11 because they thought they lost the war because of their diet. After that millions of them, who were on western diet, got Western deadly diseases.

A race between two Japanese Porters

Years before WW11, a race organised between two Japanese porters, one of whom, first, put on Western cooked diet for a few weeks. Both were pulling the same weight in their rickshaws. The one on Western cooked diet gave up after four days. The other one was still running after four weeks.

So what was the secret? The secret was in enzymes in their body. The one on Western diet was eating dead food, which didn't have enzymes. Cooking kills enzymes. Enzymes can stand temperatures of upto 48 Celsius. While he was running, his body was creating enzymes for his body activity. Soon his body was not able to create enzymes enough to match the demands. So enzymes were prioritized gradually to more import parts of his body than his leg mussels. So he couldn't run any longer. On other hand, the other one was eating live food, which was full of enzymes. His body was always full of enzymes and all his body activity got enzymes immediately. So he never became tired. He could have been running for years theoretically.

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